Wednesday, January 11, 2017

One of the toughest day

Only 11 of 365 days of 2017... and I am feeling so overwhelmed by work.
When I am overwhelmed, God You lead me to the rock higher than I.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


While I am sleeping, God is working.
I will work hard, but I will not overwork.
I will let God fight the battle for me.
Everything that we need, God has already prepared & provided for us.

"For my yolk is easy and burden is light"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Taiwan! 3rd April- 11th April 2016

Airport before flying! @ 11pm+

On the Plane! Scoot.

Tea! Manga cafe

Router for max 5 person! we hit 25 gb at the end of the trip! 9D8N.


Shilin night market!

Coffin toast! Shilin market. Taste damn good.

Beng decided to try this game! Challenging max.
(Look at the amount of sweat on him!)

Outside our airbnb!

Beng & I went to eat Mala hotpot for supper!

Mini sprite & coke!

Beng love the PRIME beef so badly that we went the 2nd time with the rest!

I am pretty much of a fruit person! Especially love the guava and jumbo(Rose apple!)

The cheesecake was awesome & Addictive!!!

Yogurt/ panata cotta! milkish, love this.

Free hagan daz ice cream! Beng love it.

Took a selfie ourselves!

I took more than 5 flavours, opps!

Walking back to airbnb!

So I had this for breakfast and thought this is orange juice but no, got cheated.

All our little kids we bought for taiwan trip!!

Long bus ride to jiufen!


At Jiufen!

Taking TRA to shifen!

VERY HUGE BBT! awesome :)
About SGD 2$

3 of us :)


Took this while waiting for TRA to shifen!

6 of us!

On the TRA to shifen! Train interval every 1 hour :O

Hotstar for supper!!

Cheese potato thingy, not too bad about SGD 2.9


Pepper lunch! shared with beng


Took cable car ride up to wu fen pu :) took a yellow cable car instead!

Lunch! 520 TWD for 2 person I think. Includes 2 drinks, cakes, fruits, biscuits, ice cream

THIS IS DAMN YUM!!! Fried rice @ Raohe night market.

Aribnb at night while watching NBA!

Beef maggie noodles with eggs!

Sulley socks, TWD 50, SGD 2!

Mac breakkie before taking railway to taizhong!

On train to taizhong!

Bian dang bought! not too bad :)

My twelve cupcake! 2.9 SGD, taste about the same as SG!

Saw a machine for tissue paper, 2 for 10 TWD!
One for SGD 20 cents.

Reached Sea of cloud villa at about 6pm.

Cold at night and scenery is beautiful.

The steps we need to climb

Breakfast at sea of cloud the next morning.

Took this photo so next time we can try this hotel! got SPA!!

Joey wanted to eat pear! SWEET! about 180 TWD for one big pear for 6 of us.

Reached Cingjing farm!

Meh Meh
The food was 10 TWD! 40 cents.

Mini little horse :)

Cingjing farm for lunch!

Green tea, not bad! 1.25 SGD

7 eleven food takeaway for 3 hours ride to fengjia
the uncle raged at us as we took 3 hours ride if not he could have u-turn back already

Black thunder chocolate!!!
2 for 24 TWD ( 50 cents each)
1 for 15 TWD (70 cents)

Nice milktea! but abit ex.

Beng's fav yuan yang

Teppanyaki at Feng jia night market :)
Very nice love it.
Xiao la = very spicy already

$2 each

Ticket back to Taipei!

Oie cafe(alpaca cafe)

So fluffy :)

Beside alpaca cafe, it was drizzling and the wind was v v strong.

Not nice, diluted, luckily we bought small one.

Fav woody!

@ Tamsui night market

Ginger tea

Tie dan

Taipei 101

Din Tai Fung! look at the price :)

The service was nice and fast! lots of people but we managed to get in by 5-10mins!
(Look at the amount of staffs !)

XLB :)

Off to Liuzhangli!

WOODY! sitting at 7-eleven while waiting for one piece cafe to open at 2pm!

One piece cafe!

Beng's attas coffee (super long name coffee) 
Comes in wine glass!
Not bad!

Bepo!! :)

100 TWD top! $4, worth it!

Xiao Ding Dang, not v nice!

Me and beng queued for this big piece of cheesecake TWD 100! $4
When hot it is nice, when keep it inside fridge ok only
(P/S I will rmb a bunch of aunties commentators behind us while queuing, so noisy like birds)

Bought this back to SG haha

Mac 2 piece chicken for lunch at carrefour!

The mochi here is v v nice! xi men ding, opposite kang shi mei, beside ten ren!

Havanias!! Plain thick stripe 500 TWD

Mango shaved iced! not bad, 210 TWD

Black thunder ice cream on last trip to 7-eleven! yummy ttm

Last meal at TW before we fly! NICE YUMMMY, 210 TWD!

Joey's 400 TWD gudetama

Ohhh, and this is the snoopy cup we bought at 88 TWD with 6 stickers!
Jo and YX got "be happy" cup in red

So came back to SG and realised my family really cannot live w/o me haha never open letterbox for 9 days.

2 pouch at $4 each! for my 2 polaroids :)

Airspace craze!!! haha
18 SGD after 12% discount!